Working with the flow.......

It is funny where life can take you and the lessons learnt on the way.  This morning I was "yogaering" with a client at her home.  We have been working together for nearly a year now and both really take pleasure in the early morning quietness, practicing our breathing, poses and meditation before the day really kicks in.

I had as always planned the lesson beforehand, with a view to have flexibility in where we go with it and what we end up actually doing  My thoughts were of  a lovely calming centering practice. What I hadn't incorporated into my thinking was her lovely 10 year old daughter feeling the need to roller skate whilst cleaning the kitchen/diner whilst we were on our mats there.

Once upon a time it would of probably really grated on my nerves or maybe even on a different day; but today it made me and my client giggle.  We worked with it rather than against it. Ok, it wasn't the usual and probably wouldn't work every lesson but it was a wonderful lesson in working with what we have at that precise time.  We can always be chasing that perfect silence, pose, look, job, lifestyle which is great in having dreams and goals but it is also really easy to make us take our eye off the moment we are in, which can lead to dissatisfaction and sadness if not careful to try and balance out the both.  

Yes, I will continue dreaming about inner oneness, a Red  VW camper and many other things but in the meantime I will love and cherish those brief moments of calm and my Nissan Micra for getting us to all the places we need to drive too comfortably ☺

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