Walking Whilst Talking

Communicating whilst connecting with the great outdoors

“Holding space, listening with empathy, emotionally connecting, withholding judgement and communicating that incredibly healing message: you are not alone”

What is ‘Walking Whilst Talking’?


Walking Whilst Talking is a non-conventional 1-1 counselling relationship, which is aimed at those

who find sitting in a room too intense. 


The motion of moving forward whilst talking has a fantastic effect on the process of working through problems. It can sometimes be difficult to deal with your struggles alone and talking through these problems whilst reaping the benefits of the great outdoors can be hugely beneficial. Walking Whilst Talking is a series of conversations which may involve, revisiting, exploring, mourning, reinventing, learning new pathways, letting go and learning to be the most honest version of yourself, to yourself.

Having someone alongside you when times are tough can make a huge difference in regaining a more positive state of mind. By having someone who truly listens, is accepting and non-judgemental, asks questions and supports the changes you make is incredibly valuable and the effects can last a lifetime. 


What is offered?

  • Outdoor counselling in a location that suits you

  • Companionship for social activities

  • Practical support

  • A free consultation with a range of different options best suited to you

Prices start from £40.00 per hour within a 20 mile radius of Ashford, Kent

Book Six, 1 hour sessions from £210.00

This service can also be purchased as a gift for someone else.

Please do get in touch for more information on our Walking Whilst Talking service.

We often discuss...

  • Bereavement

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • ‘Stuckness’

  • Addiction

  • Relationships

  • Self esteem

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