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Creating a stronger, more centred you.

What do we offer?

Begin your yoga journey and find out how it works best for you. How and where do you want to incorporate it into your life? Maybe a weekly class for increasing movement and flexibility? Or learning how to take quality time for relaxation and meditation? There are so many variations, teachings and schools to yoga that it is a life long learning, which I love. The fact that it can work in so many different ways for every sort of body is just amazing.


One meaning for the word Yoga is 'unity'.  My interpretation of this is the bringing together of the breath (pranayama) poses (asanas) and the relaxation /meditation to improve the quality and function of our mind body and soul. 

Having practised Hatha yoga for over 20 years and making it a part of my every day life, I am able to see the positive benefits it has on the body and mind. Whether it’s focusing on the briefest of spaces between movement and breath or improving muscle strength, yoga takes you on a journey of learning and well being.

Why is yoga important?

  • Increases all round fitness and can contribute to weight loss

  • Helps to achieve higher levels of energy in mind   and body

  • Perfect for stress relief and creating inner peace

  • Strengthen muscles and improve breathing

  • Create awareness and bring the mind back to the present moment

  • Helps flexibility and posture

1-1 yoga sessions from £25

Adult Yoga Classes - Challock Health and Fitness, The Old Vicarage TN25 4BJ

  • Pranayama (how we breathe)

  • Asanas (various poses)

  • Stretching and strengthening

  • Relaxing meditations

Thursday 9.45am - 10.45am      Adult Beginners

Tel - 01233 740 788


Kids Yoga Classes - Challock Health and Fitness, The Old Vicarage TN25 4BJ

  • Breathing 

  • Incorporation of games and poses

  • Guided meditations

  • Kindness and environment themes



4:00pm - 4:30pm       4 - 7 year olds 

4:30 - 5:15pm         7 - 11 year olds 


9.00am – 9:45 am         4 - 11 year olds

Adult Beginner Yoga Classes  - 

KL UK 8 Wotton Road, Ashford TN23 6LL

  • Pranayama (how we breathe)

  • Asanas (various poses)

  • Stretching and strengthening

  • Relaxing meditations


7.30pm – 8.30pm


Please do get in touch for more information regarding all of our yoga classes. 

Tel - 01233 877644

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Office Based Yoga:

- A different way to team build.

- Yoga in the workplace. 

- Pre work start, lunch time or end of day. 

A great way to spend 45 minutes altogether, looking

after yourselves and each other. 

Relieve tension and stress. Build strength and gain movement. Avoid repetitive injury.

Please see below what the AOD team based in Ashford have to say after trying Yoga in their office...

Our company were looking for something enjoyable and motivating to bring the team together.

Yoga with Denise has done just that!

We always look forward to our twice weekly morning yoga sessions in the office. Denise plans the lessons with a great sense of fun but always leaves us feeling calm, energised and ready to face the day with positivity.

Denise takes the time to ensure we are all comfortable and teaches us variations of positions to suit our different needs. 

Office yoga with Denise is something we highly recommend and believe more companies should incorporate it into their working week. Having the space to do this is a bonus but Denise has also included some chair yoga which would be ideal for those with smaller offices.

Yoga has many physical and mental health benefits which we are all starting to feel the effects of. Denise is full of useful tips and ideas as to how we can keep moving and relieve stress throughout the day which is something we have all been embracing. We are now a more healthier and active office!

A huge thanks to Denise for introducing us all to workplace yoga! It's a great start to our day :)

Children's Birthday Yoga Parties


- Yoga games & crafts

- Birthday buffet, homemade beautiful birthday cake 

  (please make aware of any allergies)

- Party bag


Challock Health & Fitness

How long:

2 hours total

How much: £150.00

10 children maximum

The Night Before The Big Day Yoga 

Feeling the need to chill and relax after all the preperations for your wedding, but dont want a fuzzy head for your big day.....

Yoga at your home, can include your pre wedding night guests or 1-1.

Please phone for more information, bespoke packages available.