Chakra Dancing in Kent!

I am really excited to be able to now offer Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation Classes and Workshops, having completed 120 hours of practical and theory.  It has been a journey and I’ve loved every minute.. and now for the journey to continue...,:

This year being as it is has probably impacted everyone one way or another.  

Keeping our energy levels high can help with guarding against low physical and mental health.💗

Chakra Dancing  is such a fab way to raise your joy levels, dance off what you no longer serves you and end with a relaxing guided meditation☯️

No need to worry about following routines or keeping up.  It is your own movements, your journey, your pace....guided if you choose to follow but personal to your interpretation.💫

For anyone who has seen me dance will know it is like my cake making😂the intention is there and it’s good but it may not look like anything that was expected!!😂

A percentage of each ticket sold will go to a Tree Charity,starting with The Woodland Trust🌳💛🙏


Chakra Dancing is a workout for the mind body and soul.  We all vibrate at many different frequencies which can be linked to specific areas of the body.

Grounding the energy and releasing stress a emotion, Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy centres situated along the spine. Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well- being, a work out for everybody from the inside out.

Using an eclectic mix of global influences from tribal dancing to Tai-Chi, yoga and slow motion body work gently guides you through the Chakras, leaving the body re-energised and in perfect balance.


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