Happy New Year!


I hope you have all been able to enjoy your Christmas in whichever way suited you best.

I have so enjoyed working with all you brilliant people. I am learning so much from all that you bring. Thank you. I look forward to it continuing and meeting new people in this coming year.

Alongside my BWY monthly training, I am super excited about being accepted on the New Yoga Reloaded course #yogareloaded , starting in March 2019, which includes keeping up with the latest developments in Sports Science , and dedicated modules to obtaining a much deeper understanding of the body, how best to benefit it, and to incorporate this knowledge into my own yoga classes.

I am also about to start a new online course for ongoing learning with life Coaching and NLP (Neural Logistic Programming) for supporting Walking Whilst Talking clients.

In regard to the de cluttering service offered I am also beginning to explore and work with Feng shui in the home and the positive effects it has on your life.

Although three different avenues of work, I find they often overlap and compliment each other, which I love and feel very lucky to be able to enjoy and share.

Wishing you all a Positive, Prosperous and Peaceful 2019



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