What “ Moments” take us where?……

It was an advert in the 80's.  A man said "I want to be a tree”.  It stuck.

Hilda Ogdens mural wall in Coronation Street made me want to travel the world. I did.  These are a couple of my moments that made a huge impact on my life.

Moments that open something in us and take us somewhere, may be instantly or years later....

Freedom is so important to me and yoga brings this for me.  The space, the feel, the truth of it, there is no hiding and it can go wherever you go too.

I love seeing people doing there thing and how it talks to everyone differently, the same and not at all.  These are the reasons I want to teach.

I love the fact that I am continuously learning from yoga and in turn it helps me to share what I learn, from all that I have done and to learn something from everyone I know.

I love to learn, to support and help growth.

If you come to my classes you will be welcomed. I offer a space for you just to be, to create and grow and to take whatever parts you choose from the class, what speaks to you and how you use that.

We are all at different stages in yoga, there is no pass mark or point to get to, other than where you personally want to take it to. It can be an ongoing learning process if you choose that path.

I truly love it.

I would love to hear what your “moments” have been if you would like to share.


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