Spring Clean🐣

I have been thinking of what really talks to me about de cluttering and re energising our homes and lives this Spring.  My mind has bounced around from tips about folding all your clean individual bedding set into one pillow case, so the usual can’t find the full set or a mass of pillow cases fall out of the airing cupboard each bed changing day sprung to mind....or the clean the inside of your oven mindfully   ( still havent🙄 myself yet!!) so will save that exciting blog for another day....😀

But what has kept coming back is the strain our environment is under from the continual use of over packaging and thoughtless buying.

This morning I have started ordering from the milkman. Yes it’s slightly more expensive in the short term, but the long term cost on our planet is what worries me more🌎.

Less cake and more bike riding  will even out the financial extra for my family.

We are saving glass jars to start reusing and to also maybe start creating something wonderful to put in them..... my daughter is a master of the “slime creations craze” maybe now is the time to think of something which is sustainable, good for the planet and lovely to make with her cool mixing skills and patience of creating the perfect consistency.....:watch this space.

At the end of the day we need the tide of throwaway rubbish to stop. We need to be innovative, more mindful in what we buy and how we reuse stuff.

So don’t belittle whatever you do and try increase it by one more thing if you can....

Go through your house.... do you need it? Where can it go if not? Can it be shared, given away or sold?

Every carrier bag not brought helps, remember to take your shopping bags!!

Ear buds that the centre are not made of plastic makes a difference.

Bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic.

Soap instead of shower gel in plastic bottles

Take a bag with you when walking pick up litter.  

A razor rather than the disposables.

Create that lovely free spring in your step by creating a clearer fresher kinder space for all.

#DeCluttering #SpringClean

Have a great day and happy  De-Cluttering🌎❤️

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