De-Cluttering Helps!

Updated: Feb 15, 2018

Feeling that pre Christmas sense of eek!!!!??

Already time short and job heavy?  Let’s see if any/all of these options could ease your stress

Pre Christmas -  A declutter so that everything has a place and there is also some space!

  •             "Those cleaning jobs" paintwork and skirting boards, inside windows, cob webbing, retrieving all the food groups, pets toys, general lost things from under and in the sofa (I can't believe that's only my house?;)

  •               Preparing the room for the tree etc

  •               Dog walking / sitting whilst you Christmas shop

  •               Christmas wrapping

Post Christmas -and breathe, and get back to normal .. :)

  •                Deep clean

  •                Declutter

  •                Re-energise house for New Year ahead

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