Breath, Blocks & Balance.

Breathing.... Most important for life.... The way it can be affected by how we are feeling; on the spectrum of calm to panic and all that is in between,

 Through practice and concentrating on the breath we can make it become a real positive in feeding our mental, physical and emotional well being.

Whether partaking of a yoga breathing practice (pranayama) or needing to take control of a panic attack in the Post Office Queue, by letting your exhalation be longer than your inhalation this simple breathing technique can have a calming effect.

Of course in some cases focussing on the breath can feel too intense, so it is good to make a mental list which works for you.  An example of a list is as follows

.Look for five different colours

.Touch four different objects

.Tap each foot or hand three times

.Think of two of your favourite memories


Repeat until the breath calms

Blocks.....Whether it be an ongoing struggle with learning fractions, stopping ourselves in some way to prevent us being hurt, failing,being misunderstood or not using blocks for yoga to help with the poses (asanas)because of ego...

We put up blocks often without even realising, or see them as a wall we cant get over, when really they can be the best step up and over we have ever had.

How often when it feels like we are blocked in our life, do we find another way around which is often more creative, eye opening or wonderful, though quite often at the time it can feel that there is no way around, unbearable, heartbreaking and devastating.

  When we are able to begin to  incorporate the blocks and look at them as a way of learning, stepping up and growing it is amazing what opens up, when we use the blocks in yoga it can help perfect the asana getting strong and into the correct position safely.

Moving on to Balance......ahhh that wonderful word, and when we can find it in our lives it is wonderful, learning to roll with the blocks however they come at us in life, giving a quicker return on the growth and freedom from using them rather than feeling defeated or fighting against them.

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