My yoga journey started over 20 years ago.  It began watching an advert on the TV.  It was a man in a field saying "I want to be a tree" standing in Vrksasana pose. 


I thought brilliant, so do I... 

Trees, are so knowledgeable, their strong roots, absorbing what they need, creating strong foundations to give themselves flexibility above ground to withstand most storms, their connection and support of each other, the shade, fruit and flowers they share, clean air

I find yoga talks to me in this same way, the support, connection, growth, movement and learning.





- Weekly Classes

- Workshops

- Restorative Yoga

- Meditation

- Wellbeing Packages

- 1-1 sessions 

Corporate Yoga


These classes can take place on Zoom and In person when circumstances allow.


Workplace Yoga is a great way to connect with colleagues, self care and really integrate well being into daily life. 

It is so important to be able to care for ourselves Physically and mentally as much as possible and in doing so be able to give our best also without feeling drained and empty.

As my wonderful friend says, you can’t give from an empty cup!!

Yoga has been proven to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and movement of the body is always of benefit.


Yoga with Denise is a joy! Her classes are professional yet relaxed and there is no pressure to 'do yoga like the experts'. 


You are encouraged to do only what you are comfortable with, and Denise does it with humour and a lightness of touch that is enjoyable but still yields the benefits of a good yoga workout.


Denise's yoga classes twice a week have proved to be a tonic for body, soul and mind, and I would recommend her classes to anyone. 


AOD - The Art of Design

"Energy Medicine Yoga - A powerful tool to balance detoxify and strengthen your body."

- Lauren Walker


Energy Medicine Yoga

@EMYoga.  This style of teaching fascinated me as it brings a wealth of information to how best to self care and listen deeply to ourselves. My training is ongoing and I love to share what I am learning and hear how it feels for each person who takes the classes.

Energy Medicine Yoga is an integrative practice, uniting ancient healing methods with modern science.  Classic yoga postures are woven and paired with Energy Medicine techniques to communicate with the body in its own language and innate wisdom.  By focusing on your body as a living system of energy, you are empowered to self-heal, thrive and flow in the life you are meant to live. 


Being able to learn  energy techniques that work so well with asana to help boost our physical, mental and emotional  state I feel is a wonderful way of supporting our immune system and listening to what are body is needing.

Thank you Denise for another lovely session, the laying down bit at the end is always the most powerful bit for me, felt tingling energy around my lower back and when I closed my eyes saw lots of swirly colours, the relaxation at the end is so lovely, I feel so much better thank you!


Classes always start with “arriving on the mat”. We check in with our bodies giving ourselves the time to start from our feet up to our heads moving and listening to what our bodies our telling us, as daily we just use our bodies sometimes ignoring niggles or overriding until we get a bigger warning. This is a great way of giving our bodies a chance to communicate with us.

The practice of movement (asana) is taught in stages, so you can move to a place what feels right for you and not feel that you have to achieve a pose instantly or if at all.

Weekly Classes

"Yoga it’s not about touching your toes but what you learn on the way down."

- Jigar Gor


I always end with a 10 minute or so relaxation (shavasana) as although lying down, people can quite often find this difficult as so use to always being on the go.

It is a time for the body to absorb all the energy you have created and for it to be able to move more freely in the spaces you’ve made by practicing.  Having said that most people love the lying down bit the best 😂

Bespoke Sessions, Yoga & Pamper Evenings available. Please email for more details 😊

I can also offer Walking Whilst Talking Sessions.

I found that walking whilst talking can be so beneficial when out in nature. The momentum of moving forward can really assist us when talking about difficult issues. The natural world can really help us to feel more free and make  positive connections and  steps to feelings of being more centred in our own lives.
Please contact me for more information.

I met Denise a couple of years ago when I joined one of her classes. I’ve dabbled with yoga for most of my adult life but never stayed with a class/teacher for more than a term or 2.


I can honestly say that these are the most supportive and energising classes which is why I’m still here. I was worried about the transition to Zoom but Denise has got that spot on too. Highly recommended 5🌟s


1-1 classes are a great way of being able to give full attention to the client and create sequences and classes for what they want to work on and how best to do this.

"The secret of change - to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new."

- Socrates 

1-1 Classes


Denise is a positive and compassionate lady. She offers individually tailored yoga classes to suit all needs and abilities. She is also able to offer energy yoga. I have benefitted from being Denise's yoga student for over 2 years. I always feel brighter and more grounded after the yoga.

I recommend Denise as a yoga teacher. 


When people talk to me about Chakra Dancing, this is what most often pops up..

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

- Unknown 

Chakra Dancing 


Ah Denise it was fab. Just so much fun in this mad 🌎. 


"I can’t dance" - If you can move your body you can dance, and if you can’t,  by listening to the music and staying seated or even laying down, modifications can be made and visualisation is a great tool to use and so beneficial.


"I can’t follow routines" - I offer suggestions up of what may feel good for the dance of each Chakra ex: stamp feet, wave arms etc, whilst doing them myself, but the beauty of Chakra Dancing is to really move to how the music moves you.  Some people dance the whole way through, some lie on the floor and allow the music to wash over them. 


"I'll feel silly" - I think everyone probably has that thought when starting most things they may of not tried before. The groups are always really welcoming. There is never any pressure to do anything and everyone is probably having the same thought focussing on themselves rather than looking at you. At the end of every class I’ve taught the feedback has always been positive and great connections made.


"I don't know what to wear" - Whatever you feel comfortable in. Bare feet is a great way to dance, but if that doesn’t speak to you, something that has a non slip sole.

"What is Chakra Dancing, what does it do?" - Chakra Dancing is a workout for the mind body and soul.  We all vibrate at many different frequencies which can be linked to specific areas of the body.

Grounding the energy and releasing stress and emotion, Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy centres situated along the spine.  Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well- being, a work out for everybody from the inside out.

Using an eclectic mix of global influences from tribal dancing to Tai-Chi, yoga and slow motion body work gently guides you through the Chakras, leaving the body re-energised and in perfect balance.  ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💜 💙🤍